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Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey announced that metal shows are banned from their venue from now on following Ronnie Radke’s microphone stand throwing spree that led to fan injuries and his subsequent arrest. Check out what Six Flags park spokeswoman Kristin Siebeneicher said about the incident below.

In related news, a New Jersey news station has interviewed fans at the show who support Ronnie. Fans interviewed claim that “when you come to a metal show, you should expect it.” What shows have you been to where you expect to be hit in the skull with a microphone stand? Certainly none that I have attended. View the news report below.

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No, you should not expect to have your head split open by a fucking microphone. I get that he didn’t do it intentionally, but for fuck’s sake let him own up to his mistakes. Stop defending artists as if they can do no wrong. They can. 

I read somewhere that some people were saying the girl who got her head busted open by this deserved it because “she shouldn’t have been standing there”. People are fucking stupid. I’m sure had they been hit in the head with a mic stand, they wouldn’t have just been like “oh, I shouldn’t have been standing there, it’s my fault. “

Just more reason for me not to like Ronnie Radke and his music.

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    lol this was in my local paper.
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    Come on though, Falling in Reverse ain’t metal. However, playing a show at Six Flags? That’s not metal either
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    Six Flags also banned All Time Low for ever playing there because they let fans on stage. OK COOL. but Ronnie is an...
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    What a toolbag.
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    um no ima have to agree with natalie here. He should be in jail for beating his girlfriend alone. But I would just like...
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    …this is getting ridiculous. All of this is bullshit. I’m not a Ronnie or FIR fan by any means, but banning metal shows...
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    Can he seriously just go back to jail?
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    Most of his fans that are still supporting him are most likely around the age of 13, and they’re all dumb.
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    I like how they call their music ‘metal’.
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    I read somewhere that some people were saying the girl who got her head busted open by this deserved it because “she...
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    Good fuck six flags they can go suck a dick
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    Damnit Ronnie! This why we can’t have nice things!
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    Damn…. A gash though? Best believe that jerk would be getting his ass beat if he did that to one of my friends.
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    This motherfucker is the lamest, gayest piece of shit “rocker” to ever walk this earth. If he died, I’d laugh.
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