My name's Shawn.

I play guitar and sing backup in a band.  

I also like to design Pokemon related t-shirts.

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Tonight’s show was so much fun.

Thanks to anyone who I know on here who was at the show. Thanks Ian and Jeff for making all of our songs super pop punk.

I’ve really missed playing full band shows more than anything. It’s the only thing that really helps me forget how sad I can get a lot of the time. 

I mean hell, even when I’m having fun with friends, I can manage to get myself down because something will just cause a bunch of thinking that’ll bum me out. But when I’m on stage, nothing is more important and can possibly occur to me other than playing the guitar, or singing the lyrics to our songs, watching new faces get into our stuff, watching my friends sing along to the songs we’ve worked so hard on, any of that stuff. Things like that really make everything worth it. 

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